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Full-nelson Cunt-bust

Artery Eruption

Bleeding induced deliberate Ripping such clean cunts wide open
My hands now become elbows deep As my arms go way too far in Your uterus crushed forced out your body Huge mass of tissue
I've set my mind free Fetus wrapped in wet flesh Rich blood
vessels pulsing Blood stream no longer flows I stare at this
sick thing Killed from a brutal sexual attack nightmare Raped
in a forensic routine operation By the practitioner all people
trust with life End of life is a beginning of infliction
Uninformed slaughter psycologically suffer Prolapse of every
organ. Valves shut down at once Surging back bloodflow from a
weakened heart rupture Oxygen in the blood starts dementia.
Preacox Cutting layers off of the flesh from your back Cut
between each rib so precise, hear them crack When I stabbed her
face, I could not help but laugh Gave her a tea bag. In her
mouth went my sac That's when I turned her over on to To
perform the act of a cannibal ra Violent shrieks coughed out of
the bitch as I ateYou can't clench my balls. Arms can't move.
You're too late Both of your elbows pressed against your
temples But you can still hear my thighs smack on your ass I
busted your cunt in a full-nelson rape You begin to bleed as
you yak out some glass Abcess leaking puss stench Asphyxiated
stillbirthNasty cunt infectedI absorb with my sick girth.

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