Sing Song

Art Of Fighting

Someone, somewhere
Has my pictures of us
But it's ok
Because it's hard
To make out details in those faded photographs
A picture of us sunny and true
Faded to irrelevant blue
So you've found new ways
Of keeping memory
In rythmn and melody
Your songs
Just like my songs
They're made up of questions
But if you really wanna know what i'm like
Take a fucking look in my eyes
And so you keep on singing that song
As if nothing is wrong
Sing as loud as you want
'cause soon i'll be gone
But its never easy no it's never easy no it's never that easy
Not even now that i'm leaving
And though all of it's done yeah and all of it's closed now and all of it's gone
Still going to stay there in your songs
How do old songs
Speak in new ways
Oh so many years on?
So long
Maybe there's one
That we can both learn from
A ballad broken over the rocks
Or a lullaby that always gets lost

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