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Children Play With Earth

Arrested Development

3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days in the Life of...

The way kids are living is 100% European
African boys and girls:
Set down your Nintendo joysticks right now!
Unplug the television and make way for an old vision
Which will now be a new vision
Headliner, lay the foundation

Dig your hands in the Dirt,
That's right
Children play with earth
That's right
Gain knowledge of the big but small earth around you
Dig your hands into the dirt, the dirt that made you
Get acquainted with the earth, the earth that eventually will take you
And the world that hopefully will appear to wake you
Play in the fields
Play in the grass
Climb mr, tree
Get to know each branch
Give it a name
For the branches resemble the many decisions you will have to make in life
Eat of the earth children
Grow an apple tree
Taste the apple
Watch and listen to the neglected mother of all
Short tall children play with earth

Eat rhubarb wet from the rain
Beautiful fruits all the same
Pears, oranges, and grapes from the vine
Children it is the earth's time.

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