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Arrested Development

3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days in the Life of...

Hey, yes indeed, this is Speech from Arrested Development
I'm the leader, ha ha
My nose is stuffed up, though
Check it out, I'm the leader

Homeboy, right over there, Headliner, is the turntable instrumentalist

We got Arnaé 3 over there with her crazy set, over there, chillin'

Razadan is chillin', he's in the house
That's the man, he designs all our logos

And then we got Bubba OJ in the house
He's just, he's like the pappa, the father figure
As what, what's her name, ini?

Of course, I can't forget Kwesi
Lady smiley, over here, always smilin'

And, of course, Larry's on the guitar
This song is for you, brother

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