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Soldiers Shine

Arno Carstens

And I would walk a million miles,
For some understanding
And what I found is loves' divine
Sweet charity take me home,
Don't stop til you get there
And all our guardians turn to stone,
Take me home

The road to where soldiers shine x 4

And there is poison in the well
A tale of truth will end in a smile
You bring the window to the womb, soon
Everyone can tell
And all of us we are good to go,
But wisdom seems to be so slow
And in our wonder years of man,
Soon we misunderstand

The road to where soldiers shine x 4

And when you hold her hand,
Make sure I understand
That life is better than death,
The bravery and command
Who am I to blame?
Here I stand the same

The road to where soldiers shine x 4

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