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Hands To Heaven (Feat. Rock Mafia)

Armin Van Buuren


I had to look up when I saw you

Like almost being struck by lightning

Staring at the back of the stars
It's like looking in the mirror
Just before the dawn it's the darkest

So if this is what you're on and
You're honest
Everything is in on the outside clap
As the sun goes down
Clap as the sun goes down
When the world stops spinnin? round
And gravity brings you down

Don't give in
When the weight? s too much to bear
And nobody seems to care

Don't give in

Throw your hands to heaven
Look at what we started
Everything comes from something

Love from pain, hope from hate, and
Life from the rain
I'm not waving, I'm drowning and the
Elements won't give in
Don't give in
Throw your hands to heaven heaven

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