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Mundane Stories

Ariel Pink

Odditties Sodomies Vol. 3

Last week went running through the grapevine
Last week I walked out in the hills
Yeah, on a Sunday in my dream land
I had to slaughter all the lamb
And all the people work all day
They stop to watch me laugh at them
They don't hurt me, they're just signals
To which my brain would [?]

Call me up for Monday stories
(She came back with a kiss)

Along the precipice of nature
That we can use a rope to [?]
Although we figured out we're foolish
No one tells us that we can't
And all six corners of my bedroom
Can't hold a view from windows [?]
I'm not the only onе who reads them

Call me up for Monday storiеs
(Then she woke up with a kiss)

Call me up for Monday stories
(She woke up with a kiss)

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