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River's Invitation

Aretha Franklin

Soul '69

I have been all across the country
and I have stayed in every town
You see, I'm trying to find my baby
and he ain't nowhere around
Can you understand?
You know which way I'm heading
if my baby can't be found... oh, yeah
Well, I spoke to the river, and the river
the river spoke back to me
It said, "Oh! You look so lonely
and so much full of misery... Yes, you do now
If you can't find your baby, come on, girl
and make your home with me. Oh, yeah
I don't want to leave him - No, I know
I know he's still alive!
And someday, I'm going to find him
and he's gonna take me for a ride Yes, he will now
And then we'll live forever and ever and ever
forever and ever among the tides
Oh, yes, we will!
Just in case I don't find him
I'm going to take that river's invitation river's invitation

Oh, oh, the river! Oh, oh, the river!
Oh, the river, yeah... Oh, river's invitation
Yeah, the river

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