(w. graber)
Here we are, here we stand
No one seems to understand
Afraid you've seen to much
To really know what's best
Ain't it strange when you don't know what's true

You without your book of questions
We missed out on all the best ones
Something we just had to do
Tried to feel so much better
Tried to make the easy way out
But there's nothing I can do

And maybe I should really know... You
But I feel like I don't know... You

One more day - one more time
I can't find some peace of mind
Tell me that it doesn't matter
Tell me that I should know better
And it's just a waste of time


Y'know it's all right

One last day - one last time
Now to find some peace of mind
All I know (I think I know)
All I know (I think I know)
All I know is I don't know

And I still don't even know - what to do
Another friend another time...

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