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Amethyst To #f

Arctic Plateau

Newly here
In a season breath
To tell another dream
Like music.

I can remember your face and your feet
I can remember October lst year
Like a sunny day
But not sadder that before.

One dirty mourning silver moon
And black crystals of broken dreams
You and I have been awakened
Talents, affinity
Taking a walk
Crying, smiling
Shaking the hand of my fear and ghost.

Wow, it's so perfect
Beauty hides behind a smile
And this light in your eyes moves my soul
Like nothing else
In the end.

I can remember your skin and your tears
I can remember October last year
Like a sunny day
But not sadder that before.

Through his flight
A flower not for anyone
As if dead leaves were falling down
Through your eyes
A glance not for anyone
Like my dead leaves that are falling down.

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