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Rise Of The Tyrant

Arch Enemy

Rise of the Tyrant

The end is near. Panic is closing in. Sick with fear they run
Watch freedom’s fall. What have we become? Cannon foder

[Lead – Christopher]

Reign of terror. Enslave the nations – devastation!
This is war – Pull the trigger. One nation under their control
Rise – The Tyrants rise! The enemy inside – The tyrants rise
The end is here – Feel it closing in
Blood runs red

Watch in horror – Our lives destroyed
We failed

[Lead – Michael]

The final holocaust
Enslave the nations – annihilation!

This is war – Pull the trigger. One nation out of control

[Lead – Christopher] [Lead – Michael]
[Lead – Christopher] [Lead – Michael]

War, pain suffering
The price we pay to stay alive
Blood, fire, death
His Glory come, his kingdom rise
This world will burn!

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