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Last Whispers


I can hear you when you go away
I'm trying to see the place where you rest
I don't know wheter it's hot or cold
But I know you're there to watch over me

I can hurt you but you're always there
I can forget but you always forgive
So no matter wherever you live
I will come, I will come

Never seen a land like this
So colourful,
where I can even talk to the water
Here I can see a world of peace
Where all the people smile
Where everybody lives

Let me stay here
Just for a while
And walk,walk with me
Until the night will come
And with your last whispers
let me fall asleep
Tonight every dream will be so wonderful

Spread your light, give me your smile
Your breath will be a wind for my skin
Oh, I've found a star out there
And now I realize
that we're not, we're not here to fight

"Close your little eyes, here comes the night
the moment of your dreams
let all your memories live outside
and I will take your hand
The land that you have seen
Is filling you and it's warmin' your heart
Now you have only to sleep, only to sleep"

Love and joy
come inside me through your smile
And tiredness
seems so far tonight
Love and joy
come inside me with your embrace
This time I know
that I'll be back.

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