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Suffer His Unrelenting Dominion


Welcome the dark dawning of the earth
Witness the mass destruction
Of mankind
Here we celebrate your saviour's death
Banished to burn tongueless, blind, and deaf

My dominion is consummate
My strength is limitless

Come tides of black war
With kingdom no more
Watch us desecrate
The world in flame
All burn in his name
Watch us terminate

Hear them screaming
Our endless hordes are feasting
See them crying
Nothing to stop their dying

We are senseless
Only hatred knows us
We are relentless
You will kneel before us

This is our time to rise
No more sun will light your eyes

Darkening the sky
Through the black we ride
Punishing your sins
None shall be forgiven

This is the dawning of sin
Death is where life had once been
Consummate ascendancy
We control perfectly

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