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Into The Eternal Flames


This is the last force for the last strike
We are the bringers of death
We crucify, torture and rape
In ways you can't comprehend
We are the storms that cloud the skies
We are the tears in your bleeding eyes
We are the crucifixion
The angel's set extinction

No time to slit your wrists
Your death will come too swift
Torment will start there after
Your soul we will shatter

The time has come at last
To perfect what was the past
To claim what you've stolen
March to heaven
Tear it open

Don't turn your back on me
It's time to burn for all eternity
We replace your lies with truth
With infernal darkness we rule

The son we attack
No rebirth
He's breathed his last
All is lost in the triumph of our war
I am unrestrained now
Burning with hate
Tearing the star from the sky
I watch as your whore saviour dies

Flesh dripping with sin
Feel my wrath unravel your skin
Consumed by madness
Consumed by tears
I've undone make-believe
Come true your fears

Fall under possession
Join our pain
Crawl back to heaven
Beg to be saved

You can't stop them
They will always hunger
And they will always feed
And when you are dead
You will always suffer
Witness the consummate ascendancy

Break the walls
Our armies march in with ease
God will fall to our relentless disease
As we paint heaven with angel's blood
None can stop our reign
Black as night

With four horsemen by our side
We bring the glorious tide
With flesh reeking of a thousand sins
We shall bring you the eclipse

I satan have come to judge thee
With my might I will devour the feeble
And my followers will rise

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