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L.u.s.t - The Remix


My girl's intelligent, her
mind can get deeper than a
tenor well-mannered,
articulate speech with tight
the girl is bangin' like a
hammer and her body sicker
than cancer the lady is a
bad mamma jamma
her image couldn't be
captured by any camera damn,
her body remind me of one of
Luke's dancers
I plan to remain monogamous
and try to just enhance the
lust and the trust between
us and plus
nothing about her is
artificial - hair, nails and
she don't stuff her bras
with tissues
she's fit too, she belong in
Ebony issues in a centerfold
modelin' sexy swimsuits
sharp like Ginsu's with the
essential utensils and
mentals to see past cats
like glass windows
plus shorty sing too, she
into Aquavibe crew her
friends fly too, so next
time you should slide through
(she's) been through
malfunctional relationships
with cats that's fit to
write horror scripts for
make a list of the bangin-
est chics you have
I bet they'd look like
Shabba Ranks standin' around
her (where's your lust?)

Hook (D1)
Bust your lust off cutie
come prove me right
You must adjust the truth,
your moves be bruising my
I’m losin’ cool like dudes
about to bust the first time
Though I try, my desire has
just taken me over
No, I’m not the fool that
falls in lust every night,
The loser usin’ lines to
boost his luck with a dime
But make no mistake, I’ll do
all that it takes,
So miss L.U.S.T. , can we u-
n-I-t-e ?

I'm in lust with a girl, in
a rush with a girl so
enveloped with us, I lost
touch with the world
I wanna tease her and taste
her, nuts like a squirrel I
wanna raise her hips to a
higher consciousness
I wanna make her feel she
gotta hold onto shit I wanna
take her there and her
responses to this
wanna embrace her and
promise her the one-eyed
monster a come conquer all
her fears that would harm her
I'm hear ma, your knight in
shining armor appeara, black
stallion come straddle him
and ride inside your abdomen
I rise
like the temperature, as
passions wash over you like
the tide it's no accident
that you're gaspin' or
graspin' at the sky
and yeah, I chuckle when I
see you lose control of your
muscles because you shakin'
like you freezin'
and I barely even touched
you and this is just one
kind of lust to live up to
our whole lives ahead of us,
just ask me, I'd love to

Hook (D1)

yo, who's that back there?
(back where?) back there, by
the stairs with that black
wrap up in her hair (oh)
it's rair to see a girl of
her caliber here she stares,
connectin' eyes as I draw
she's clear of
imperfections, brown
complexion an A.I.D.S.
activist would hit this
without protection
she's blessed in the right
sections so sexy, impotent
cats look at her and catch
stepped in, skin as smooth
as cocoa butter her beauty
could make a speech
therapist stutter
she's such a lady, I just
wanna caress and finesse her
first I have to steps and
address her
legs got my mentals goin' in
circles she shoulda been
modelin' in Nair commercials
I approached her and told
her that she was special and
her excellence could turn
straight chics into lesbians
conversation gave me
evidence of intelligence
definative effeminance, full
of grace and elligance
lonliness is a sickness -
I'll be your medicine I'm
better than prescriptions
given to war veterans
grab a pen and then give me
your digits and everything
within two days your
telephone is gonna get a ring
I never been so intrigued,
it's guaranteed satisfaction
I'm packin' action that you
need (where's your lust?)

Sharkbite =D

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