Dried Words

Apple Pie

Let us hasten there's no need to rush
Run through the night
I only will I complain at the end
The differences are zero
This wastes our time

Open your heart a little bit
And bring your partner close to you ...
Your feelings will make your partner feel better

Try to live hard and live without worries
Even if tripping be able to continue with them
Even if I steal and possess this ...
It is not for you, there is no reason
Then go beyond the distance
Combining words dried
But what I want to convey my thinking is simple
The wind that was blowing that day
Play it out in the ruins of yesterday
Who's laughing now living with you?

All these events
They shall make you suffer
The next time will be the farewell

Like that not nothing left
And only share
But then one day that this was anything

Transmitting the sense of sadness
And the tears turning a river
The feeling moving become a strong whirlpool
And if attach

Compositor: Daniel O. Brito

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