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Festering Tears

Appalling Spawn

I met a human who died many centuries ago.
“Around myself wreathe your arms”:
he said without sound
without movement,
nevertheless I heard him.
Extatic magnificience bloomed
for a split of eternity
in a garden of weeping senses
and swallowed up all my perceptions…
“Your solitude has thrown you between
waking and dream, between us and them
between soil and fertile emptiness.
I feel the tears festering inside of your
land, please let them out,
release the sadness of your spirit
he is crying for HOME!” AND I OBEIED
In his purgative emprance that
as a messengers from somewhere else,
I delightfully trembled as though
anticipating the most distant
and the nearest breath, breath the most precious!
My fear was getting smaller with his every touch.
“Become absorbed in deep yourself,
till you will be integrated with me.”
“Breathe your soul, let it pervade
beyond the Earth of mind.
Beyond the oceans of dreams,
there where your experience does not reach
there I shall take you and then you will realize.
The crown of the masters you will
put and let the tears
festering for thousand years flow AWAY!!!”

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