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Airport Lights


Sitting here watching
All these people say goodbye
While I'm still on hello
While i'm still way behind
Makes me think i'd better make a move
If I ever want to fly

Hanging around just wondering
How much time has flown by
Since you came along
Trying to change my life
I never wanted us to separate
But i can't shut the airport lights

We can build a house in a foreign land
Trust me baby come with me they'll let you in
I could write a song the very best a i can
And find the guys who could make me a millionaire
We could try it out at least i got a plan
And for the first time in your life you don't look scared

Marching here in battle
While some fellows hit the ground
While i still feel so strong
And put up quite a fight
It's a warning i oughta pack up
Run away and pick a wife

Compositor: Mairena

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