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Every Step To Take


Every debt you face can be removed through grace
Every law you break
Can be fixed through faith if you want them to
Every sinful way can be cured today
Every stain will fade -- they'll be wiped away
If you want them to
Oh, can't you see? you'd be wrong to flee
While the good lord waits till every soul is saved
If you move too late there's a price you pay
There's no time to waste
Get a clean, new slate 'cause he wants you to
Sinned so long I'd be lost without his grace
'cause jesus christ is the only way that saves
You're lookin' 'round for a truth you can embrace
He'll fill your soul with a strong enduring faith
At least try him, baby, baby please
Oh, can't you see -- second peter 3?
How the good lord waits -- till every soul is saved
If you use true faith, if you bow to pray
Use your mouth to say jesus' name today
'cause that's what to do
He'll remove your shame
Just confess his name 'cause that's what to do
Cause he wants you to

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