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True to the Night (feat. Ava Bonam)

Antonio Rodrigo

Word gave light to shadow
Life is merely answering
Where does all the light go?
When no-one's asking

Curse gave rise to longing
Lust is only following
What are all these games we play?
All but faithful call to arms

True to the night, true to the night
The soul is reaching out!
Dawn is in sight, dawn is in sight
Attention seeking!

Maybe I'm onto something
Maybe I re-emerge
From the subterranean search
For the meaning of the

Things that happeen to me
Things that I can't control
Half the way was struggle
Half the way was gold

Left with all these choices
No rights, no wrongs, indifference
Could we all be swimming
In some nihilistic pond

Composição: Ava Bonam

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