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Cyber Sweetie


Can someone tell me why this has to be
'can never see my punk rock babe, cuz she lives in Jersey
Foxi nicki was her name
I don't care what my friends say, they think I'm insane

she lives far away
she lives where Kid with Man Head plays.
'better live it up, cuz she lives so far away

she lives far away
that's ok, miles mean nothing to me,
I never seen her face,
it's ok, cuz I'm insane

better live it up,
and wonder if she thinks of me
she lives in jersey that's ok miles mean nothing to me

Every night I lay down, wondering, wondering
Why she hasn't mailed me, or giving me a ring
I become uptight, then I stay up all night
When you get a chance baby tell me, "you still love me," right?

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