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Hunter's Song

Annandale Heights

She's just like the stick shift
Can't deal with the new rift
I'm losing, but I'm staying
And I'm stalling, cause I'm just not sure
And I'm hopeless in august
Defenseless to this mistress
And I never, knew how to tell her it's over

And her words just rip through me
This silence isn't helping
It was over by october
I had to say it, I had to tell her
To just stop the late night calls
She's not the worth the time
She's not worth the fall back down
You built yourself up from the ground
Now make your great escape and find your way back home

Distortion was easy
My history behind me
The base of confusion, from just one was all it took
It's a warm day in january
I'm forgetting bad memories of her
Out of nowhere, you came here
You dug up the best of me
And I'm wondering if you seem too much like an angel

It's a warm day in january
It's a new year, it's a new me
So just stay an arm's reach away
The truth be told, the others ain't the same
From the start you took me over

I'm waking up... girl don't fall asleep
She was just like the stick shift
Could never figure it out
Out of nowhere you came here
You dug up, the best of me
And my only, last worry, is I don't want to say goodbye

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