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Still In Love With You

Anna Vissi

Sorry to call you,am I wrong to be thinking of you
I got so many things on my mind
But then so many things don't come out right
like how do i tell "I'm sorry I hurt you?
I don't know if you forgive me but i wish you could be with me

I'm still in love with you
i still believe in you
I still hold on to the feeling,hoping it's real and knowing it's kiling me
you're still the only one,I love uoy right or wrong
and I can't give up and I won't move on
the ghost of your love keeps me holding on

gone are days of laughing at love and tears
i got so many things I could tell you,
but then so many dreams never come true
I promised forever and i never stopped believing
We could have had it all
but the tide won't turn
and the world moved on


And if could find the way to make you understand
i'd promise ferever ohh,we should have had it all,
and it's killing me baby

Compositor: Paul Barry / Mark Taylor / Grahan Stack

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