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Is That For Me?


Regravação de Alesso

Ooh, come a littke bit cloer
Come and get a little plece of mine, yeah
Let me take over
Nothing wrong with feeling right
I know, but be selfish
It's getting late, look at the time
Been thinking about it all day
What we're gonna do about it tonight

Up against the wall, up against the wall
No holding back now
No time for not now
No turning back now
Catching feelings now
Let's go away now
Oh, see what it taste now
Wanna know now

Is that for me?
Is that for me?
Is that for me?

Ooh, let me back up on it
Hold on we're going for a ride, yeah
Ready? Know you want it
Know you wanna take all my time
But you get this static
Gotta gimme, gimme waht I like
Been thinking about it all day
What we gon' do tonight?

Compositor: Poo Bear

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