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John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man

Anita Carter

John Hardy he was a desperate little man
He carried the guns every day
Shot a man on the West Virginia line
You oughta seen John Hardy gettin' away

John hardy he got the east stone bridge
He thought he would be free
But up set the man and took him by the arm
Said Johnny come along with me

John Hardy he had a pretty little girl
The dress she wore it was blue
She came escape him to the old jailhouse
Said papa I've been true to you
[ banjo ]
John Hardy he had another little girl
The dress that she wore it was red
She followed John Hardy to his hanging ground
Sayin' papa I'd rather be dead

I've been to the east and I've been to the west
I've been this wide world around
I've been to the river and I've been baptized
And now I'm standing on my hanging ground

Go dig my grave so long and wide
Go dig it wide and deep
Put the picture of the pretty girl at my head
And the forty-five left layin' at my feet

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