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The Windcast


How come the things went so far?
Then I faced your storm
Why may I not start afresh?
Stiff and stark well-nigh

So my life is not worth a bean
All my deeds I’ve done before

Stultify my maxim bearing and mighty will
My pursuit of a toff
Posing for a matchless man
Playing as not all there

Rolling back the moments gone
Prone to small talk
I insist on wooing you again
Come what you may

I broke open the wall
Then I faced your storm
I was knocked down at once
Stiff and stark well-nigh

Like a mote I’ll drift away
My sweet lies will blow me out

And leave me on a rigid grit and swampy soil
Flesh for monsoons
Can it be the tail wind
Will come by and by?

Wolves and snakes, piled in heaps
Decaying on my chest
Dragon’s flames and gorgon’s eyes
Leeching free on me

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