When the flames fade only dark will remain
Somber cascade of decay
Abysmal blackness, cimmerian shade
Of seemingly perpetual despondency
Forever black

We must learn to burn in solace
There is beauty in the pain we bear
Vomit the darkest part of your soul
And let that darkness take you whole
Hold it, and never let it go and
You'll be stronger than you know
We don't need sight
For eyes are blind

I know your eyes will see tomorrow
If you embrace the black
Embrace your burdens
Feign eyes paint illusions false but also in truth
Nightmarish visions plagues the mind, withering are the youth
I found in the darkness a lonely place
I took from my heart to the physical plain
And may the day be friendly to you
You cannot image what darkness can do

Here lies your fate; it's not too late
Separating the illusion of what we define as hell
And there is only hell here to see
Through all of the glory we find in the hurt
We see through misery
Memorized by glowing eyes
Reflecting in the eerie night
Motionless I stand before thee
Filling your heart with fear

And as the skies were filled with fire I let the dark take hold
And what I found is the weight had been lifted
As I let my darkness go
For what is life without balance
And what is dark without light?
Though I may love being one with darkness
We could all use a little light

This is illumination
Incineration of the contamination
The silhouette of what used to be
As the pressures building all the victims
To the vicious binds are nothing
The silhouette of what used to be
Cease the bleeding

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