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Hands High

Andy Mineo

Can I bust a rhyme?
I'm a rapper, not your average, I come from another kind
The way I drop it, they wanna go use the john, number 2
See the signs of turning water to wine

I took a trip to kenya, then I saw the maasai
I took a trip s. a. - I was chillin' with lions

Think I'm lyin'? Check my twitter time line
And you'll find it chillin' around some time - november twenty-nine - my savior came, put his hands where they eyes
Couldn't see - with a touch he could heal the blind

Then he's coming back like a spine, I'm seein' lies
The enemy tryin' to sell me, I tell him I'm not buyin' it
And when I do, I be whylin'
Not puttin' christ in the center like andrew bynum

Denyin' him, but now I'm relyin' on him
My mom was the kind that despised violence
I swear I needed asylums

From ny to milan I be stylin' on 'em
Og baxter, harder than margarito's
Hands wrapped in plaster - hold up let me ask ya
Ask ya, who you chasin' after?
The God that he rap about or just the rapper?
That's some whack stuff like callin' whoever you
Podcast your "pastor"
Growin' pains feel better after, but while you
Goin' through it it's like "how long it gunna last fer? "
But if you wasn't chastised then I'd ask ya
Are you a legitimate child of the master?
You want that? I think not
Now get them hands high, let me see you rock!

They put they hands in the sky
Be (insert space) careful who you worship when
You wave em (at) a concerts
They wave em from side to side, but please (don't) ain't get it twisted!
I wanna be in it but not of it
When the record starts spinnin' the feelin' it starts comin'

Rememberin' the days of my sin and even loved it
But now I think about what I did and I feel disgusted
This busta rhymes record that I'm bustin'
Is a testament to what the father did when
I trusted him

Don't you hear how, everything is changin' now?
The snares, the kicks, even my lifestyle
It don't sound... Aike... anything I started with
That's transform - metaphor in the art of it

Hip-hop is the culture I am a part of it
But I answer to the one that's in charge of it

If I offended you brother, I hope you pardon it

The mission is to reach em where they are - that's heart of it

God takes what the devil intended for evil
Use it for the good of those he calls his people

If he redeemed you and your heart that's deceitful
Then he can do it to a beat too!
N we could have beef on the methods
As long us we agree to reach peeps w the message
That he redeems people with beats
I'm free from the sentence of death that I was
In debt with I'm tellin' em

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