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Ronnie Don't Fall

Andru Donalds

Ronnie don't fall (3 times)
Ronnie don't fall in love with me

We grew together, I knew you when
We were so inseparable
And everything we did was then
I could feel your tears
At night if you cried
I believed in you and you believed in me
Til' the day we died
As time passes by
I've seen the changes within your mind
When you tell me that you love me

*Ronnie don't fall in love with me
Some things, my friend, were meant to be
I'll be your friend but not your lover
I'll be your father and your brother
Ronnie don't fall in love
Ronnie don't fall in love with me

You have me talking in my sleep
Thinkin' of the things you said,
The way you see me
You have me going crazy in my mind
Dreamin' of many explanations
That I can hardly find

**'Cause I would never hurt you
But there is no easy way
For what I'm about to say


Through this experience
You've opened up my mind
You showed me there's another way of life
But now the time has come for you to realize
I'll respect the choice you made
If you'll respect the choice that's mine

Ronnie don't fall
Ronnie don't fall in love with me

***You have the mind to release the pain
Ronnie don't fall in love

*Repeat to fade

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