Twisted Every Way

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Raoul, I'm frightened -
don't make me do this ...
Raoul, it scares me -
don't put me through this
ordeal by fire ...
he'll take me, I know ...
we'll be parted for ever ...
he won't let me go ...

What I once used to dream
I now dread ...
if he finds me, it won't
ever end ...
and he'll always be there,
singing songs in my head ...
he'll always be there,
singing songs in my head ...
She's mad ...

You said yourself
he was nothing
but a man ...

Yet while he lives,
he will haunt us
till we're dead ...

Twisted every way,
what answer can I give?
Am I to risk my life,
to win the chance to live?
Can I betray the man
who once inspired my voice?
Do I become his prey?
Do I have any choice?
He kills without a thought,
he murders all that's good ...
I know I can't refuse
and yet, I wish I could ...
Oh God - if I agree,
what horrors wait for me
in this, the Phantom's opera ...?

Christine, Christine,
don't think that I don't care -
but every hope
and every prayer
rests on you now ...

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