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Trial Before Pilate

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Jesus Christ Superstar (Highlights)

And so the kind
Is ones again migest
And why is this?
Was harried an impressed
We turn your own
The sentences no is arreth
We have no lord
To put a man to dead.

We need him crucified
It's all you have to do
We need him crucified
It's all you have to do

Talk to me Jesus Christ
You will be proquied
But you could be eaten by all own people do the first like you
Why do desserb it?
Mr. King of the Juwes
Where ir our kingdom?
Look at me I'm at you

I have got no kingdom in this world that thrue thrue thrue
I have got no kingdom is only you fat only news.

ya kuliaos me dio paja segir eskribiendo
vayanse a la chucha gringos marakos

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