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Let Us Love In Peace

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Now And Forever

Dream about a day when we'll be
Calm, serene, completely carefree
Just for fun, think of one ordinary day

Ask yourself what it would feel like
Dream the dream with all of your might
Close your eyes, visualise - just one normal day

Time to find out who we are
Time to find our lucky star
Time for all our pain to cease
We'll love in peace

Just imagine no more violence
No more bombs, the sound of silence
Time to be you and me, time to love in peace

Days of hope so calm and tranquil
Private moments to be thankful
On our own, left alone - free to love in peace

Time to simply sit and breathe
Time to learn how to believe
And give thanks for our release
To love in peace

Sometimes I get on my knees and pray
For that one ordinary day
When all the pain will finally cease
Then we'll be free to love in peace

I must be strong
I must be bolder
Cling to my dream and never tire
Each love denied
Leaves people colder
New love rekindles every fire
New love rekindles every fire

I shall cling to him with all my might
It's my right

All kinds of love
Bring us together
Causes the broken heart to mend
People must love, now and forever
There's only one love in the end
There's only one love in the end

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