Andrew Allen

I know this guy
He's crazy for his girl
And he says
She's everything, his whole wide world
And I know
They've got something deep inside
'Cause he's got nothing to hide

And this guy
Says she laughs away the tears
Oh, but she cries
Those every sort of every kind of tears
And I know
It's love, that sweet, sweet love
And you see, this is what he said to me

Her eyes
They bubble like a sweet champagne
And her lies
They tell me that it's sunny when I know it's gonna rain
Nothing in the world could ever ruin her
The only thing I wish I could change is that
I would've met her sooner

And this guy
Says he doesn't even care
When those other guys
Decide to stop and stare
'Cause he said
I wouldn't doubt it that they like what they see
Besides, my girl is staring back at me

And she says
That she likes it when he's there
And she knows
He could've had a millionaire
But it's love, that love, that sweet, sweet love
And you see
'Cause this is what he said to me


Her eyes, they tell me time is
Just an overrated rhyme
And it's just fine, it won't lie
And everyone is pointing to her sign
Just like the meek, they say
Shut up, don't make 'em weak
You can't communicate, negotiate
As long as you don't ever show up late
Good night, so it's good to say I'm right
So I can stare into those bubbly champagne eyes
And whisper this time it's right


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