The Riot


We will not do this alone. We've come to take it from here, so step back let us take control.
This land's been searching for change for more years than I care to know. All I know is my purpose has already been set in stone. I'm here to start the riot that takes us forward let us go.
Follow me to the steps that have been drenched in blood. We've been losing our brothers and sisters to a black unknown. We'll walk up to their doors together we will show them how it's done.

We'll stand for this no longer, make change the only way we know how. And we will not do this alone. (Stand for what you believe in, but never close your mind to change. We have to shake them down and show them that this is our day.) Standing together, strength at our sides, we will be remembered for living our lives.
We won't waste a moment or forget why we're here. We'll make change every day, every month, every year. But I can not do this alone.

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