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Worship Of Volkhves

Ancestral Volkhves


Let The Sacrifical Flames Burn
Let Your Children Sing The Anthem
Immortal Pride On Mystical Work
May The Wisdom Sits On The Throne
On The Throne Of Eternity
How Beautiful Time Is Now
When Volkhves Proclaiming The Gods
Under The Sacred Shield Of Svantovit
How Beautiful Time Is Now
When Their Spell Sounds
To Their Majesty
Open The Portals To The Halls Of
Divine Immortality
We Have Found The Ancient Spring Of Life
We Have Beaten The Prelude Of Slavery
We Have Worn The Gown Of Dažbog – The Sun

Prebrodiac Snivé Duny
Prekroèili Sme Hmotný Svet
Našli Rovnováhu Slnka A Luny
Ku Kolíske Vraciame Sa Spä

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