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Thus Speak To Gamayun

Ancestral Volkhves


Tell Gamayun, Prophetic Bird,
Tell About The Shining Iriy
The World Where Our Gods Live
And About The Mighty Svarog
The Forger Of The Universe
Tell About He Had Lit The Torch Of Life

Tell Gamayun, Prophetic Bird,
Tell About The Fate Of Mokoš,
Our Mother´s Earth Destiny
And About Our Grandchildren´s Future
Tell About The Will Of The Divine Rod

Tell Gamayun , Prophetic Bird,
Tell About Sviatovid – Perun,
Who Can Call Rain Or Thunder,
And About An Eternal Fire That In Oak Groves Burns
Tell About The Mystic Flame In Every Slavic Heart

Tell Gamayun, Prophetic Bird,
Tell About Svarožiè – Dažbog, Stribog, Triglav, Simargl, Rod
And About Veles, The Keeper,
Who Makes Certain All The Oaths And Treaties
Tell About All Gods And Spirits
Of Our Mighty Slavic Lands

...Of What You Know, Hide Nothing I Will

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