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The Ruins Talk When Time Is Silent

Ancestral Volkhves

Upon Arkona´s Rock Is An Eaglenest
Where From The Strikes Of Waves
Its Spikes Towers On The West
A Brave Eagle Sat Up Above His Rocky Throne
Slavonic Land´s Protector
A Free Son Of The Clouds

O´, Slavonic Eagle, Protect The Nation Of The Slavs
Protect Slavonic Habits And Tongues
Protect Us And Our Mother Lands !!!

Look Out From Morning, Look Out Until Evening
Patrol Until Midnight From The Highest Guard

Where Eastsea Surrounds The Wild Arkonic Rocks
And On The Sheer Cliff The Eagle Dominates
Where In A Deep Valley The Little Vilage Rests
In A Blue Tide Mirroring Again And Again...
This Wonderful Island Is My Rujana
My Most Beloved Dearest Fatherland !!!

Can You See The Country Wherein The Seagull Flies
Wherein Sunbathing On The Beech The Seal Lies
Wherein In The Rocky Cleft The Brave Eagle Thrones ?
Into The Distance He Is Viewing, His Monarchy Extending
Covered By The Manifold Seabird´s Flights
In Hundreds Of Bays Their Voices Can Be Heard
Again And Again...

From The Depths Of The Sea, From Its Deepest Bottom
Sound The Evening Bells Dull And Flat
To Give Us The Renown Of A Charming Ancient Town
In The Tide´s Bosom Drowned
Remained The Ruins Down To Stand
Their Battlements Leave The Golden Sparks
Glittering At The Mirror Surface Again And Again...

...And The Sailor
Who The Magic Shimmer Once Saw
In The Bright Evening´s Red
On This Place He Sails Forever
Even If Around The Cliffs Impend...

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