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And The Flames Burn Again

Ancestral Volkhves

Once Upon All Hills The Same Fire Burned

Until He Had Arrived At Lenght
Into Serenity And Peace ...
... To Cloud By Mist And Darkness
The Eternal Flame Of Ours
To Abduct The Light
To Tear Asunder Svarga

The Fate Spoke To Forfather Straight
Only He Could Banish The Demon Into His Dark Jail
...An Ancestor Nathless Broke The Seal, Invited Him
Did Not Spoted The Glint Of Evil
And Released The Demon Into Our Lands

And New Names He Gave To Brothers
And Dispatched Them Into The Battles
And Destroyed The Sacred Groves And Killed The Gods
And Took The Light Away And Gave The Dark

Upon The Hills The Same Fire Faded

He Abused But Was Unmasked
Well Let Our Kindness Flow Forever
The Ligth We Have Conquered Back
Let Him Leave In Serenity And Peace...
Forever !

Upon The Hills The Same Fire Burns Again

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