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The Call Of Doom


One can only, be obtained
By killing god, my mother is
Called Babylon, below the abyss
My spawn is fatherly, beauty
Harmony and immortality
The birth of Satan’s son
The dyad, the chants of evil song
Malkuth, father of thought
The word is called chaos
The dyad, Yod He Vau
I bring forth immortal lord
Darkness fire and hate
My tyrant creates on earth
The winds will plead
As the earth is swallowed by the sea
Flying through the holy land
We’ve slaughtered all the men
Burning their churches
Fucking the women
Death is at hand, WAR
Summoning and calling
Hear the call for doom
Oh it was two thousand years ago
When I was last unleashed
A victory at last for an eternity
I’ll wear my crown
I’ve thought for universal summonings
I am now god
You all shalt be my sons

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