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Hear the first call of evil
Oh how I thirst for your blood
And I am the power
My kingdom you belong – Brother – drink the wine
It is the rum of human blood
And raise your fucking cups
For the fucking armageddon

Oh howl now our seven gates
Are open and here will never die
In the pandemonium we fly
Brother – a new dawn has come
Forever black is the sun
Rejoice in a fucking dusk of blood
For the fucking armageddon

Then the gates and the walls of heaven
Fell and all hell flowed
A greatest twist of depth of sea
Absorbed all creations and souls to be
Look down there
So fucking scorned
After the unholy war

Here and now my Lord Satanas is throned
The darkness has returned
Here the second call of evil
The calm before the storm
Take their mortal lives from one
And fucking all
Oh howl I spilt the blood of god
I am the warlock, the chosen one
Satan’s fucking son

Oh howl for the war won above
And here is the power for
The kingdom you all belong
Brother- a new dawn has come
Forever black is the sun
Rejoice in fucking the sluts above
For the fucking armageddon

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