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Suburban Jail

Anarchy 6

stuck in a suburban jail, dead bolted in tract home hell
mom & dad don't have a clue, just wanna tell 'em "fuck you!"
little sis social butterfly, doin coke just to get high
older brother joined the marines, try to force u into that scene
just got fired from your job, "shaved heads look like doorknobs"
all the cops out on the street, don't like the chains and boots on your feet
doin' time in suburban jail, never can pay the bail
set-up and geared to fail, put me on the cross if you can find a nail!
teachers tell you stuff you don't wanna hear
only refuge is in a can of beer
pricipal calls you to the office too many times
why do they think hardcore is such a crime?
hardcores must all unite
it's those hippies we must fight
girlfriend's such a total bitch
fuck that cow, throw her in a ditch

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