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(see You) In The Pit

Anarchy 6

wake up in the morning and i put on my boots
l.a. might as well be beruit
stumble to the toilet, in the bowl i do pollute
fins my mother's purse and steel some loot!
get out of bed, shave my head
curse my father cos he digs the grateful dead
burn my old records, some hippy named "ted"
blast minor threat cos those dudes shread!
plug in my guitar and play some suicidal
dont mess with me cos im homicidal
my brother is a fag, he looks like billy idol
my sister o.d.'d on a box of midol!!
i talked to ian in d.c.
rapped with henry at sst
hung with jello of the dead kennedys
drank a pepsi w/ mike muir in venice beach
we went to the gig, we had no cash
bouncer tried to stop us, so on him we did thrash
once inside we proceeded to trash
every stupid hippy that was tokin' on some hash!
we pushed our way to the front of the stage
we played like wild animals locked in a cage
my girl couldn't get get it, i went into a rage
they said 12 years old was considered underage!
the d.j. had our record, we said play it now!
play that wax loud, youse ignant mau-mau!
the d.j. threw it down, he said whats that mix?
don't be disco faggit... it's anarchy sixx!!!!

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