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Marching Through Babylon's Gates


Ia Anu, Ia Antu, Ia Marduk
Ia Ninlil, Ia Enki, Ia Ninki
Ia Nanna, Ia Ningal, Ia Utu
Ia Inanna, Ia Ischkur, Ia Ninhursag
Time has come for Akitu celebration
The equinox of Nisan has arrived... arrived

Until the twelth day our fate shall be sealed,
By the divine counsel our future will be revealed,
As the Annunaki march again
through Babylon's precious gates

Sombre chants resound from the ziggurat,
the secret of Esagila is sung before dawn,
from the axis mundi of three cosmic domains
whisper the words of the Enuma Elish


*Marduk descends into the mountain, until the barques' arrival*
Within the Apzu's maze, bestead by the wailing goddess
Liberated by force through Nabu, great lord of the written word
After his triumphant return is summoned the assemblation
for fate's first determination, through the unequaled


All Babylon goes exultant,
the sheperd of the stars (is) reborn
to perform the sacred marriage rite,
with the daughter of the moonlight For the microcosmic plains,
He determines fate a second time,
as a challenge for mankind,
after the departure of the Nibiru giants

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