Don't Run Away

Ana Laura

I can feel you change,
But I can't change the way you feel
I know this might sound strange,
But I'm waiting for you still,
if you believe your lost
You're voice

In a sea of fear and doubt,
I'll try to cut through all the noise,
With all the hope I've found

Don't run away,
Don't let yourself fade away
If you could see yourself the way He sees you now
You'd see His love,
So hide away,
Don't let yourself break away
His arms are strong enough to hold and lift you up
You'll feel His love,
So don't run away

I know you'll find the strenght,
If you just believe
That there's a better way,
It's easier that it seems
It's up to you to make the choice,
you, I'm always here
Can you here Me trough the noise,
Calling loud and clear

So don't run,
He's waitng there for you, To come
He's reaching out for you,
So don't run away
His arms are estrong enough to hold and lift you up
You'll feel His love.

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