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Say Once More (no álbum Never Alone)

Amy Grant

I am yours and you are Mine

Won´t you say once more "I love you"
In the bread and in the wine
Till the whole world knows our love song
"I am yours and you are Mine"

On the street it´s hard to find;
In the city, peace of mind ain´t
Knocking on nobody´s door, and even the
Countryside can´t hide it anymore

People moving in every direction
Can´t take a moment to be kind
For lack of understanding
The pace is too demanding
You could easily lose your mind

And He´s saying to you


Standing under neon lights
Or lying down to troubled nights
Avoiding the most painful sights
There´s no way to deny it

No matter if you´re young or old
No matter if your story´s told
Or if nobody knows your name,
To Him it´s all the same

He sold Himself to buy your life
And He wants to make it right

And He´s saying to you

(Chorus) twice

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