Amy Grant

I Got You

Amy Grant

Why don't we blow this town
Gas up that car of yours and put the pedal down
I want to own the open road
And have the kind of plans
You make up as you go
Cause you and me are one of a kind
You need your space and I need mine
And I am rich as any queen
And I' m not talking 'bout the money kind of thing

I got you
And you got me
Some lucky fool's big ship came in
Yours got lost at sea
Me - I've got this funky little boat
And Baby you got me

Let's burn on through the night
Turn up the tunes until it feels just right
I need the cover of the dark
To loosen up my tongue to talk about my heart
To talk about this life
How fast we live, how soon we die
I don't believe it's a contest
Still, I think we made out better than the rest

Cause I got you
And you got me
You may not have the ace of spades
You may not hold the king
But somewhere in those cards you're dealt
Baby you got me

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