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Adini Rigeitilik

Amr Diab

Chorus 1:
Nadeiti be shoq nadeit.
You called for me passionately, and I responded.
Oltili taala geit.
You told me to come and I came.
La ha aatbik alli faat,
I won't blame you for the past,
Walla hata haloom aleiki.
I won't even blame you for a thing.

Chorus 2:
Adini rigeitilik.
Here I am, I have come back to you.
Adini bein eideiki.
Here I am, between your arms.
Kefaya demoo baa.
Enough tears now.
Mosh aarif ashoof eineiki.
I cannot see your eyes.

(Chorus 1)
We olelhom mosh nadhani.
And tell people you didn't call for me.
Howa elli wahashto we gani.
That I missed you and came back to you.
Dana mahma hayehsal bena,
No matter what happens between us,
Mosh habeid aanik tani.
I won't ever leave you again.

(Chorus 1)
Ooli le albik yesmani.
Tell your heart to listen to me.
Mosh damao elli meragani.
Isn't his tears the ones who broguht me back?
Men gheir matnadi we tebki,
Even if you didn't call for me or weep,
El shoq kan hayragani.
My longing would have brought me back.

(Chorus 1)
Moshtaq le dehketik.
I long for your smile.
Ya agmal zekrayati.
Oh my most beautiful of memories.
Khodini le ganitik.
Take me to your paradise.
Ya aghla menhayati.
Oh you who is more precious to me than my life.

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