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Dark Visions By Candlelight


The Shade of an whispering Spirit
Came crying to my Bed
Its cold dead Lips have cursed me
And brought me endless Pain
My Flesh is getting colder
Years passed in just one Night
Restlessly I'm wandering
As a Phantom preparing for my Death

Blood is Life

Dark Visions - so clear in Candlelight
My Dreams hunt me again this Night
Empty Eyes, so cold like frozen Stars
My Body's touched
By your Immortal Kiss
Desires make me fly to you
Oh, Darkness, my velvet Destiny
Hold me close
Your Embrace makes me strong

I kissed her Neck and she grasped for me
Her Face so pale as she looked at me
Her Blood in me, she's a Part of me
A Dance in Shades and she embraced me
How sweet she was while I sipped her Blood
How loud she cried as she fell down to Dust

In the Bright Shine of the Moonlight I fly
Above the Ocean that will capture her Soul

Towards the Place where her Destiny lies
Where her Body will remain

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