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University Challenged


University Challenged

We are not fascists.
We are not nihilists.
We are anarchists.

Hello, your black, your alright you are. I go to college, this is my friend John, say hello John, he's got an R.A.R. badge, we got them from that shop overthere, we got digs so if you ever stuck for somewhere to sleep, you know if your being oppressed by the Police or the N.F. just come along, but you'd better leave early so the landlady doesn't see you.

I am Anti-Racist
I am Anti-Socalist
I am Anti-Communist
I am Anti-Sexist
I am Anti-Establishment
I am Anti-Government
I am Anti-Killing seals
I am Anti-Unions
I am Anti-Anarchist
I am Anti-Capatalist

er, wot else am I anti John?
Yeah that's right I'm Anti-Nihilist

All our lovely renault 4's
Stripey scarfs, college bores
I feel so sorry, for you, you can't get a job
It must be a hard life being a wog,
WOOPS! Sorry, I'm not supposed to say that.

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