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I Still Love You

Amanda Perez

Tell me why
what did I do?

Just the other night the love of my life went away
and I can't sleep at night it's driving me crazy
Why can't you see that I miss looking in your eyes
Why can't you see that I miss kissing you good night?

Chorus: I still love you
Please take my hand and
let me help you, help you
to understand that
aint nobody ever gonna
love you like i do
And aint nobody ever
gonna do the things
i do for you, cause
I still love you

Tell me why when i call you at home
You say your with your friends, don't call no more
Why can't you see the love thats right in your face
Why can't you see that i don't want no one to come and take your place

Chorus (x2)

This is something that i can't understand
Why couldn't you just be my man
And all the love that we given
I don't want it to be wasted
Why can't you face it

Chorus (x3)

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